Integral Corporation is looking for individuals who agree with our corporate mission and can create “Relationships based on deep trust”

  • Passionate about creating a new investment company with emphasis on relationships of trust
  • Possess knowledge and ideas to create new financial and management innovations as an investment company
  • Able to understand the stakeholders of invested companies, and act eye-to-eye with them
  • Emphasize teamwork and be able to perform fundamental groundwork as needed
Title Senior Associate, Associate
Job content Promotion and execution of investment projects
  • (domestic & overseas) University or graduate school degree
  • Experience: Private equity investment, investment banking (M&A, equity / debt finance, etc), accounting/taxation (due diligence, auditing, etc), management consulting, corporate revitalization, corporate planning.
  • Must thoroughly understand and agree with Integral’s management philosophy
Location 10F, GranTokyo South Tower, 1-9-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6610 Japan
Compensation Annual compensation based on company rules (consideration will be given to experience, ability, etc)
Application Individuals wishing to apply for a position should send their resume by e-mail to the individual indicated below (MS-Word/Excel or text format will be accepted). Individuals who pass the applicant screening will be contacted later with details of the interview date. We will maintain strict confidentiality concerning all applications. Please be advised we cannot return application documents; your understanding is appreciated.
Contact Integral Employment Manager
For inquiries please send a message to the e-mail address indicated above.
Financial instruments business : Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kin-sho) No. 2640