Corporate Mission

“Trusted Investor” – INTEGRAL –

We established Integral Corporation based on our strong conviction that a relationship of deep trust between capitalists and management will be required for Japanese corporations to compete successfully in the 21st century.

Even when we look back to periods of dramatic economic change such as the Industrial Revolution, the Meiji Restoration and the period of rapid economic growth following World War II, we find companies that succeeded as a result of the strong bond between capitalists (capital) and management (innovation), the sharing of common objectives and a continual response to the challenges of changing times.

The evolution of global capitalism, changing demographics, and growing CSR requirements are just several of the factors that will make the business environment surrounding Japanese companies more challenging than ever. At Integral Corporation, we conduct our investment activities with the goal of becoming the “Trusted Investor” of choice.

Integral Corporation will base all of its business decisions on the following three principles.

  1. A relationship of deep trust is the foundation of all business activities
    Companies are made up of people. With mutual trust, companies can achieve success without unnecessary frictions.
  2. We will pursue single mindedly, the long-term enhancement of corporate value
    We see eye-to-eye with company management that seeks continuous business improvements over time.
  3. The “highest wisdom” concentrated on creating “innovations”
    The “industry average” is not sufficient for success. Integral will support companies as they pursue aggressive challenges to create new business innovations.
Financial instruments business : Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kin-sho) No. 2640