Business Activities

Integral Corporation will make long-term equity investments based on a relationship of deep trust with management, befitting our mission as a “Trusted Investor”. We will share the same objectives and time horizon as the management of invested companies, and provide support in both managerial and financial areas.

Investment Approach

  • Undertake equity investments in both public and private markets. Invest in various “equity type” instruments including common stock, convertible preferred shares, convertible bonds and stock options.
  • Pursue a broad range of investment alternatives, from 100% acquisitions in MBO/LBOs to minority investments
  • No set focus on particular industries

Examples of support for corporate value enhancement

  • Growth and productivity improvements in existing businesses. Formulation and execution of more dynamic long-term growth strategies including diversification and globalization.
  • Planning, origination and execution of M&A and business alliance strategies.
  • Capital procurement through IPO, leveraged finance and mezzanine finance.
  • Enhancement of human resource value through evaluation and compensation systems design and staff recruiting.

Integral Strengths

  • A relationship of deep trust
    Integral is an independent entity and is not part of any financial group. We do not need to seek approval from an overseas parent. All members are professionals active in Japan. We will closely analyze opportunities and issues and make quick decisions based solely on “what is good for the long-term value of the invested company”. We intend to build a relationship of deep trust by maintaining real, meaningful communication with management over time.
  • “Authentic” long-term perspective
    Integral will not make investment decisions based on “exit scenarios”. We will pursue long-term corporate growth, standing “eye-to-eye” with management. We will pursue a business model that differs completely from typical private equity funds whose basic assumption is to recover investments in a limited timeframe.
  • Management and finance
    Integral is a hybrid of know-how and experience in both management and finance. We have brought together experienced individuals who are M&A and finance pioneers in the Japanese market. We also have members with CEO and managerial leadership experience who are capable of providing real hands-on support in planning and executing corporate innovations. Our goal is to become the leading team in supporting enhancements of long-term corporate value and executing investment and finance transactions, the two critical elements for ensuring successful corporate innovations.
Financial instruments business : Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kin-sho) No. 2640