Executive Director

Yasunari Katakura

BA Commercial Science, Keio University
Harvard Business School (GMP)
Yasunari Katakura has been involved in the private equity business since 2003. At Nikko Principal Investments, he has participated in all aspects of transaction including, due diligence, structuring, financing and negotiation at the investment consideration to the companies of retail, service and manufacturing industry. He got engaged in the going private process including take over bid and squeeze out, and had an involvement in a lot of acquisition deals, regardless of the private or public companies. And then, he had engaged in the investment banking business since 2007. At J.P.Morgan, he worked on the planning of financial solution for clients and the M&A advisory service.
Jan. 2008 Integral Corporation

Financial instruments business : Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kin-sho) No. 2640