Satoko Niiya

While Satoko Niiya was at one of the largest law firms in Japan, she conducted legal reviews of transaction schemes, conducted due diligence, negotiated and drafted contracts, and was involved in a great deal of regulation work related to M&As in transactional deals between companies and, in particular, M&As with a variety of structures. In addition to transactional deals, SatokoNiiya also has experience with legal disputes in and out of court involving companies and she has provided legal advice to companies on corporate governance.
Aiming to provide advice that is more tailored to clients, SatokoNiiya left her previous firm and established STW & Partners in 2007 together with seven other lawyers from that firm.
Satoko Niiya has been appointed as an outside director of several listed companies, so she is broadly required to provide advice to the directors of those companies not only from a legal perspective, but also from an economic perspective.

<Personal History>
Kyoto University (LLB), Cambridge University (LLM)
1994 Joined Mori Sogo (now, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto). Engaged in domestic and cross border M&A deals, finance deals, and disputes
1997 Engaged in corporate and finance deals for one year at UK law firm Linklater & Paines (now Linklaters)
2000 Became partner at Mori Sogo and was principally engaged in many M&A deals and statutory and voluntary restructuring associated with M&As
2007 Established STW & partners and continued to work on M&A deals as well as dispute resolutions in a broad range of fields
Nov. 2015 Integral Corporation, Partner

Q&A regarding Interim Proposed Revisions to the Companies Act Published in December 2011 Chuokeizai-sha 2012 edition (coauthor)
“Discussion Meeting: Thoughts on Codes of Conduct of Directors during MBOs and Making Companies Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries (Vol. 1), (Vol. 2)” Bijinesu Hōmu [Business Law], June, July 2011 (coauthor)
“Legal Proceedings and Issues in Buyouts of Listed Companies” Bijinesu Hōmu [Business Law], February 2002

Financial instruments business : Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kin-sho) No. 2640