Hidetsune Goto

Hidetsune Goto has consistently worked with the theme of corporate evolution by making efforts in strategy development and its thorough execution, and has contributed to enhance the corporate value.

He began his career at Procter & Gamble Far East Inc. in the marketing department. As a brand manager in the matured detergent category, he drove business double by leading innovative marketing program such as value added product introduction and 3rd party endorsement marketing plan.

At Boston Consulting Group inc., he worked for many project themes such as sales strategy development with support for its execution, new business development and post merger integration at consumer goods, pharmaceutical and IT sectors.

At Tohato inc., which was under Japan’s Civil Rehabilitation Law (Japan’s version of Chapter 11), he planned the 3 years turnaround program and developed management infrastructure as operating officer in the strategic planning department. Then, he executed turnaround plan at plant by becoming manufacturing director, and led whole operation (marketing, sales and manufacturing) as vice president & COO to drive business. As a result, company successfully completed its turnaround phase.

Before joining Integral Corporation, he worked for Paris Miki Inc., a leading optical retail chain in Japan, as an operating officer in the strategic department.

<Personal history>
BA Law, Hitotsubashi University
1994: Procter & Gamble Far East Inc. Marketing department
2001: Boston Consulting Group Inc.
2003: Tohato Inc., Vice president & COO from 2005
2007: Paris Miki Inc.
June 2008 : Director, Integral corporation
January 2017: Partner

Financial instruments business : Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kin-sho) No. 2640